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SHANNE Liniment Premium 60mL


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SHANNE Premium Liniment is formulated of Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus oil, and Sampaguita Oil. SHANNE Premium Liniment has clear magenta liquid color, and its active ingredients in every 100-milliliter formulation are higher than the SHANNE Classic Liniment formulation content which makes feel extra strength, cooler, and warmer when applied to the affected area of the body.

SHANNE Premium Liniment has 10-milliliter content of Methyl Salicylate in the formulation, which makes it more effective as a counterirritant to treat minor aches and pains, make the skin feel extra strength, and give a more relaxing feeling. The aroma and camphoraceous odor of SHANNE Premium Liniment are doubled more than SHANNE Classic Liniment due to the higher content of Eucalyptus oil ingredient present in the formulation, and it has 5 milliliters of Sampaguita oil which makes the liniment more intense smell of rich floral fragrance.

SHANNE Premium Liniment is more fragrant and formulated with extra strength for fast and effective relief of muscle pains and joint pains (Rheumatism and Arthritis), back pains, lumbago, stiff neck, minor sprains, and headaches, counter discomforts like dysmenorrhea, flatulence, insect bites, and motion sickness. Apply SHANNE Premium Liniment to the affected area with a gentle massage, and repeat as necessary. Do not apply to eyes, mouth, nostrils, and other body openings.

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