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SHANNE Herb-plus Capsule 100’s/box


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SHANNE Herb-plus capsule – is made from high-quality herbal plants like ampalaya, garlic, malunggay, and ginseng that are effective and known for their documented medicinal properties.

SHANNE Herb-plus capsule- helps strengthen the body’s immune system that will prevent you from getting sick. SHANNE herb plus capsule helps to increase your body resistance, gives you more appetite, enhances your memory, smoothens your skin, makes you younger-looking, restores your normal sleep, and helps in improving your sex life.

SHANNE Herb-plus capsule- helps the body to recover fast, especially for those who have undergone surgery or an operation.

SHANNE Herb-plus capsule- is a very effective dietary supplement. There is no contra-indication and can be taken together with prescribed medicines.

SHANNE Herb-plus capsule- is made from 100% pure herbs. No overdose, no allergic reaction, no gastric irritation, and diarrhea.
SHANNE Herb-plus capsule- can be taken even without Doctor’s prescription because this is a herbal dietary supplement, not a drug.

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