When talking about lifestyle, it’s common to hear advice from people about how a balanced diet, proper exercise, and herbal medicinal products play a role. However, herbal food supplements are also considered decent additions to your lifestyle. These supplements are filled with ingredients from the Filipino ecosystem’s pure herbs and plants.

In the Philippines, it’s common to encounter locals who have added herbal medicinal products to their diet. They’re often sold at affordable prices in the country and are found in pharmacies, supermarkets, and malls. Locals have found comfort in these products since they possess various healing properties and are easily accessible in the local market.

Herbal Food Supplements: A Modern Wellness Trend

Understanding what herbal food supplements are and how they work is essential, and this is to ensure that consumers know the ingredients, processes, and benefits they’ll get from them. Sometimes, it won’t be advisable for specific individuals due to health reasons such as allergic reactions. However, for the most part, they’re deemed as health alternatives.

It’s swiftly becoming a healthy alternative for individuals who avoid more expensive checkups and medical procedures. Herbal medicinal products usually don’t contain harmful or unwanted ingredients. Its herbal properties undoubtedly caught the public’s attention after its healing effects have proven effective.  

The Health Benefits of Herbal Food Supplements

As mentioned above, the benefits of these herbal food supplements should be clearly introduced to the consumers. The main goal is to educate individuals that they’re reliable and are ideal health remedies if you’re on a budget. SHANNE’s herbal products have been sailing well in the market for a long time and have always received the recognition they deserve.

SHANNE’s Herb-plus Capsule, in particular, is one of the company’s flagship products, made of high-quality herbal plants like ampalaya, garlic, malunggay, and ginseng, which have their respective healing properties that contribute to your overall well-being. However, consulting your physician before incorporating herbal products in the Philippines into your daily routine is safer.

This herbal medicine provides benefits such as:

Helps strengthen your immune system

In the Philippines, weather conditions can be mild to severe. As a result, it can lead to catching common health conditions such as cough and cold. However, with the right supplement, you can make a difference and protect yourself. These products are not only known for their healing properties but also for their properties that help you avoid catching health conditions.

Helps your body to recover fast

Some patients undergo surgery and medical operations. As a result, the healing process can be tedious. However, this herbal product can give you a helping hand in hastening the recovery process through its healing properties. But it’s worth noting that the product isn’t supposed to be the primary cure for such. It only functions as a side relief you can also opt for.

Restores your normal sleep

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common issue people deal with. Insomnia is either caused by uncomfortable beds, caffeine-related problems, or conditions related to mental health. This product can also help you in regaining your normal sleep. Some herbal products may possess relaxing properties that can help you sleep better.  

Smooths Your Skin

If you’ve ever heard about aloe vera and coconut oil, some products may have them as their primary ingredients to moisturize your skin. However, SHANNE’s Herb-plus Capsule comes in capsules and is for internal use. While these products enhance skin health, it’s still best to consult your physician first for a second opinion.

Enhances Your Appetite

Medical conditions can be comorbid with loss of appetite. As a result, the recovery process becomes more difficult to manage. We need to eat proper meals despite the medical issues that we’re going through. On top of that, medication is advised to be taken after meals. This product, on the other hand, effectively assists in regaining your appetite.

While these benefits are true, combining a balanced diet and proper exercise for maximum results is still advised. It’s worth noting that these herbal food supplements only act as additional nutrients alongside your regular meals. If you are pregnant or an individual with comorbidities, seeking medical advice from your physician is recommended before taking the supplement.  

In Summary

The rise of herbal products in the Philippines has encouraged locals to opt for cheaper and healthier alternatives where they don’t need to worry about their hospital bills. However, these products only offer limited benefits. For individuals who suffer from more serious and major health concerns, professional help from medical experts is still the best solution.

In the Philippines, SHANNE Herbal is one of the renowned companies selling herbal medicinal products that have been in operation since 2004. As a result, they have maintained their reputation of being the herbal company everyone can trust, putting the herbal choices that purely come from local botanical species under the spotlight.  Visit our website and explore more of our healthy options just for you.